Snuffed On Sight – Smoke

Suddenly I wake up startled, still somewhat disoriented but fully stimulated by the pungent, sour smell that immediately assaults my nostrils like salt in an open wound. Although I do not see a hand in front of my eyes, I am almost certain that the earth-dark den where I am chained to the wall is the domain and playing field of a maniacal companionship that can’t be saved in any mental institution. Once my eyes get used to the harsh conditions, my suspicions receive painful confirmation.

Four blurry guises step into this “shithole”: one of them slaps the blood-stained light switch, and at that moment I see the large logo of Snuffed On Sight emblazoned territorially on the rickety, wooden door. One of the other men walks toward the audio system that seems to be tied together atechnically with electrical wires protruding from the mossy ceiling while the last two men prepare gigantic sound boxes in the corners of the room. The decaying corpse lying next to the entrance in a sizeable puddle of angsty piss and having jets of dried blood from the ear toward the neck could just about label my upcoming fate. As soon as the first musical tones sound agonizingly loud through the boxes, the sonic torture begins. While the foursome thinks they can impress me with this musical pot of fast food with a broad smile, the rabble don’t know that I’m going horribly well on this mix of beatdown hardcore, caveman death metal and slam. While the clanging bass pedals, machine-like blastbeats and swampy guitar riffs of the intro already give away some of the employed formula, the carnage fest really begins as soon as the animal gutturals, pigsqueals and other vocal foul-mouthed shrieks make their appearance.

Completely bewildered, these Americans see my neck muscles turning dark blue as I headbang uncontrollably on the clunky, slamming beatdowns of Time 2 Dip and the static Repeat Offender. As if possessed by the devil, I scream out in delight, still chained but two-stepping on faster passage of Slippin, until the moment one of the men quits the fray during the album’s second full-length round effort and decides there is no honor to be had with me. The shackles drop from my bloodied wrists and the creaky door is wide open for departure from then on. No way mates! I can never get enough of this type of inhaling squals, gortdry snare clatter and deadly clunky guitar work that is actually “over-the-top” in every way. DTD (Slumped), Dummy and the sickening yet highly varied Smoke do not invite departure from this torture room, but only to sit out the ride that lasts only fifteen minutes many times more. Howling with ignorance and totally disillusioned, Snuffed On Sight leaves its natural habitat, leaving me in my new workplace. There is no doubt that these man are going to report themselves to the colleagues at Mutilatred. More torture attempts like this, MORE!!! Fans of brutal death metal, beatdown hardcore and slam are welcome to volunteer to attend a listening session.




Creator Destructor Records / Maggot Stomp, 2023


  1. Intro
  2. Time 2 Dip
  3. Slippin
  4. DTD (Slumped)
  5. (smoke break)
  6. Repeat Offender
  7. Dummy
  8. Smoke


  • Seven Kane – Vocals
  • Walid Gad – Guitar
  • Spencer Matela – Bass guitar
  • Laike – Drums