Zanger Martin weg bij SkyClad

Zanger Martin weg bij SkyClad

Zanger Martin Walkyier van Skyclad stapt op. Er waren al tijden
geruchten dat hij zou vertrekken maar nu is het dan officieel. Ondanks
deze tegenslag gaat SkyClad wel gewoon door. Hieronder een stukje van de skyclad website:

It is with great regret that we find ourselves having to announce
the departure of Martin Walkyier from Skyclad. We understand that
this will come, as a great shock to you all – as indeed it did to us.
However, though this may initially appear a bitter pill to swallow,
it is neither the end of Skyclad or Martin continuing to work within
the music business.

Though Martin’s departure has been discussed for some weeks now, we
all felt within the Skyclad camp that it was not the right time to
make an announcement of this nature as we had just released a truly
brilliant album which is Folkémon (Come to think of it, there is
never a good to release this kind of statement). So, In our wisdom,
we decided to hold back this announcement until we could work through
all the commitments we had concerning press and so forth, and let the
album realise its world-wide release and receive the justice it

It was in early January 2001 that Martin made the heart-rending
decision to leave Skyclad. Much as he did not want to leave Skyclad,
Martin found that his personal financial state forced him to take
this decision. Martin has added a more personal and detailed message
of thanks and apologies for all the fans out there on his own web
page, which you can find at The future for
Martin is now to concentrate 100% of his time, along with his musical
compatriots, on his next project – “Return To The Sabbat”. About
which I’m sure there will be an abundance of information on his web
site over the coming months.