Dropout Kings: videopremière voor Bad Day

Iedereen heeft wel eens last van een slechte dag … Zelfs de gasten van Dropout Kings als we ze mogen geloven. Want uit haar debuutalbum Audiodope lanceerde de Amerikaanse nu-metal-bende een gloednieuwe videoclip die inderdaad de titel Bad Day met zich meedraagt.

Zanger Adam Ramey verklaart nader:

“The idea for this song came to me after having a shitty day at work. We always try to make our songs relatable, so I figured everyone could relate to just having one of those days. When I brought the idea to Eddie, he just went crazy with it and created this whole story of going through that whole entire shitty day and I loved it. Quickly became one of our favorites on the record. It’s perfect we’re dropping this track before our upcoming tour with Outline In Color, DeadShips, and Dead Crown, because it perfectly personifies what this whole adventure is all about for us; living your dreams and saying fuck a 9-5. Music is our job. We hope it inspires others to follow what they really want to do, as well.”