Devin Townsend laat scheetjes op Rammstein

Devin Townsend laat scheetjes op Rammstein

U leest het goed. Devin Townsend heeft namelijk het nummer Rammlied geremixed voor de komende Rammstein single Ich Tu Dir Weh.


It was fun as I have never worked in a situation that had that level of security around it. I love the band, I think they have a great sense of humor but a lot of people don’t get them. Honestly I did what comes naturally, I made it an oompa remix with tubas and banjos. I just made it a German beer drinking remix with tons of farts and silly stuff. When I soloed the vocals, they just needed a tuba on them so I added a tuba. It is a cool remix and it ends heavy, I can’t get away without doing that. I remember when I sent it back to them, I was thinking they were either going to like it or just hate me forever. They ended up really liking it, really liking it. I think by them releasing it it just reaffirms that they are just a bunch of decent guys with a good sense of humor. It was a real honor.