Dark Fortress heeft een nieuwe zanger

Dark Fortress heeft een nieuwe zanger

Enkele maanden na het vertrek van zanger Azathoth bij Duitse black metal gezelschap Dark Fortress, heeft de band een nieuwe zanger gevonden.

“After receiving various applications we finally decided to recruit Morean of progressive death/thrashers Noneuclid as our new vocalist. Morean already appeared on ‘Séance’ as the composer of the piece ‘Incide’ and the arranger of the string section used in the song ‘While They Sleep’.

Our decision is based on his immense musical and vocal abilities, his personage and dedication to extreme and dark music. He will be responsible for the lyrical concept of the forthcoming album, which will be completely finished by the end of October. Expect a worldwide release via Century Media Records in early 2008, followed by increased live activities.”

Aldus de band in een statement.