Slayer verantwoordelijk voor dood 15 jarig meisje?

Slayer verwantwoordelijk voor dood 15 jarig meisje?

… dat vinden in iedergeval de ouders van het 15 jarige meisje en
hebben een rechtzaak aangespannen.

Zie quote van metal-rules:

According to, SLAYER have come under fire again
following allegations filed on March 23rd which holds the band
partially responsible for the 1995 murder of a 15-year-old girl.
A judge had ruled in January that that the parents of the girl had
failed to provide adequate evidence to prove that Slayer were in any
way responsible. However, the judge gave lawyers for the parents 60
days to come up with sufficient evidence demonstrating Slayer were
in some way responsible for the tragedy. Allen Hutkin’s, the family’s
attorney, believes the evidence added will help their case, which
includes a study by the Federal Trade Commission on the marketing of
music. Slayer, producer Rick Rubin and Sony Music are all implicated
in the lawsuit, which includes intentionally marketing the music to
minors. Hutkin believes the music should be restricted to adults
only. As reported previously, the three boys convicted of the murder
of the girl, Elyse Pahler, had originally said that Slayer’s music
drove them to carry out the act. However, recently one of the killers
told the Washington Post that another member of the three-strong
group had an obsession with the young girl. Slayer have 30 days to
respond to the new evidence and present their defence before the