Cradle of Filth interview

Cradle of Filth interview

Op the grimoire
staat een interview met dani van
Cradle of Filth.
Het interview is al bijna een jaar oud maar erg grappig geschreven en daardoor zeer de moeite waard.

Quote van het interview:

Dost thy drummer play with a light bulb in his mouth?

Are you insinuating that he looks like Uncle Fester?


Well, that’s cool because nowadays in Europe and what-have-you, the press actually regards him as Uncle Fester, and for some reason, being a very violent character – he’s warmed to it, rather than just storming into the publication office and start killing people, which is fuckin’ amazing. But I think the new maxim for him is “Uncle Pester.”

In the photo with the blonde woman who is being bitten by everyone, he does look like Uncle F ster. But in another photo in the CD insert, he looks like thetypical Brit with a misshapen head.

Oh ja … Ultima was de tipgever.