Srd – Vragvmesiton

Srd comes from Slovenia and means ‘Rage’. And I happen to have been pissed off for about an hour right now. This might be the ideal time to put on and crank up this band’s new album. Just like the previous album Ognja Prerok this one has been released by On Parole Productions. I’ve been following these Slovenian dudes for a long time. Their debut Smrti Sel from 2017 and especially the split album with Mr Kvartforth’s Shining are to die for. You will have to be able to deal with a lot of foul mouthing and ditto grease as these gentlemen usually do not keep things very clean.

After all, the black metal of this fivesome has always had its share of nooks and crannies. I have written in the past that it occasionally contained some black-‘n’-roll or some jazzy undertones. Hopefully the gentlemen haven’t lost this touch in the course of the four years that have passed since the previous album.

And just when I’m writing about nooks and crannies, the band starts off their latest work with a classic blast beat and a thin, rarefied, slightly cold lead part. Fortunately, a few moments later these Slovenians are back to doing their own thing and are happily but firmly dragging their typical dynamics along with them. Mr Goran’s vocals are a welcome instrument for this. I have never studied the Slovenian language and it is difficult to find an appropriate translation. But it is safe to say that Srd‘s music can be described as a demolition hammer. In your sweet little house, located in some picturesque village, there will not be much left after listening to this record. The melodic demolition hammer mentioned about the first song is coming for you from minute seven onwards… Just enjoy it and then: blam, everything is shattered to smithereens!

A very enjoyable acoustic intro that is giving me some country-like feelings announces another portion of ultra dirty black metal. Wonderfully dissonant guitar sounds fill the room, yet you are sitting on a chair all alone. Since this is the only object left after the passing of the sledgehammer, you see.

The title track starts off a bit angular and pointed, but that doesn’t spoil the fun because when that special drum theme comes along on with its single kick, you know that what is about to follow is something you will love to bits. And so it happens! On Orji you can simply shout along with the gentlemen at the top of your lungs. Exciting parts interspersed with virile cymbal playing are present in the somewhat monotonous but robust Mrtvaški Ples. Not to mention closing track Kaštiga. Here the gentlemen pour some nagging, gritty riffs over you with the help of Mr Goran’s throat gargles.

Vragvmesiton from Slovenian Srd does justice to its translation. It has become an album full of tightly executed, greasy, dirty black metal of a particularly high level. I’ve perceived a vinyl version of this latest as well as the previous album on the band’s pages, definitely worth purchasing!




On Parole Productions, 2024


  1. Kačji Mašeljn
  2. Môra
  3. Vragvmesiton
  4. Orji
  5. Mrtvaški Ples
  6. Kaštiga


  • Goran  – Vocals
  • Zan – Drums
  • Sid Chiwele – Bass guitar
  • Zan Rantaša – Guitar
  • Matej Pok – Guitar