Mānbryne – Interregnum: O próbie wiary i jarzmie zwątpienia

The Polish Mānbryne presents black metal with its second long player, which is thematically about death and faith. To be even more precise, the title of this album loosely translates as “about doubt and the burden of faith”. Interregnum: O próbie wiary i jarzmie zwątpienia is a somewhat physical title and will therefore go further thematically than I can describe here. Moreover, my Polish language knowledge is not at such a level that I can simply express everything here in words. Completely irrelevant too, because vocalist S. spits his lyrics over the songs at a rapid pace. If you don’t speak the language, it’s best to enjoy it. No easy feat for anyone, but for the average black metal fan. And fellow editor Joris apparently thought so too, as he awarded the debut Heilsweg: O Udręce Ciała I Tułaczce Duszy no less than 98 points in 2021

Well, how should we best describe this? Thunderous black metal with a wide range of influences, without bringing up too many old demons? In this case the rhythm section also pounds like crazy. The guitar riffs and leads don’t sound like those of the Scandinavian bands. They are typical of those nicely interwoven melodic riffs that you would expect from any Polish metal band. However, there is a big difference compared to those other random, let’s say average metal bands. This Mānbryne really has an ingeniously high level of songwriting. After the intro with a crying woman, which is part of the first song Piach i niepamięć, an extremely furious and varied piece of music erupts. Without ever falling into an uncontrolled mess of music, it is a precision bombardment with all kinds of melodic riff barrage that is fired at you. The dynamics and atmosphere of the second song Suma wszystkich start with thickly integrated bass tones and strange vocals sound like something I have not often heard before. In addition, we hear acoustic guitar melodies (in a beautiful bridge section!), xylophone sounds (from the synth?) and especially those particularly grim throat eruptions from vocalist S. As Joris already thought while reviewing the debut, this is indeed none other than Sonneillon by Blaze or Perdition. I checked the metal archives for confirmation. Drummer Vzn is not only quite fast, but also capable of playing alternately and with many fills. The man gained experience in a wide range of (black) metal bands, including Graveland, Christ Agony and Blaze of Perdition.

The album continues with the wrecking ball Po trupach ku niebu. Almost unparalleled black metal brutality? Yes, but again with a range of tempo changes that border on the impossible. In contrast to the second song, the melody is not so much in the foreground here, this is just pounding, with the leading role really being reserved for the drummer. And well, the beastly vocals of course. Grzechy ojców starts with a person choking or someone whose throat is tightened, and then goes wild again. Atmospheric cymbal work and the use of melodic, swirling guitar riffs tastefully interrupt the orchestrated chaos. Not entirely unexpectedly, vocalist S. is almost destroyed by his own tormented excesses when his screams continue for a long time. It all fits perfectly within the whole. The intermezzo Bezkrólewie with organ keys provides a short breather, but is not necessarily relaxing.

The closing Pierwszy kamień then scares you like a scared rabbit, looking into bright headlights. You must and will headbang to this at a rapid pace. The beautiful vocal variation with high chants that come to the surface give the whole something painfully gloomy. Mānbryne is not only capable of making particularly fast music, as becomes apparent during the somewhat temporized part, when a lot of space is also made for marching drums and underlying guitar manifestations. Shortly afterwards I hear one of the fastest pieces of music I have ever heard in my life. A ridiculously fast barrage of blasts and an awfully fast screeching guitar solo let you know once again that this Polish band has arrived at the absolute top of the black metal genre. Fans of fearless black metal, which has a lot to offer, I would mention a band like Mgła, should definitely not leave this material untouched. In fact, I urge them all to listen to Interregnum: O próbie wiary i jarzmie zwątpienia and consider a high ranking in the annual list.




Malignant Voices, Terratur Possessions, 2023


  1. Piach i niepamięć
  2. Suma wszystkich strat
  3. Po trupach ku niebu
  4. Grzechy ojców
  5. Bezkrólewie
  6. Pierwszy kamień


  • S. – Vocalen
  • Renz – Gitaren, synth
  • Wyrd – Bass, akoestische gitaar
  • Vzn – Drums