Bio-Cancer – Revengeance

After a hiatus of eight years, Bio-Cancer‘s re-emergence can surely be labeled as a comeback. These Greek wordplay enthusiasts named their third album Revengeance. As stated in the press release, this album departs from the thrash categorization of its predecessors, diving into the realms of extreme metal, explicitly marking a stylistic departure.

Gnashing death metal tremolos, at times harmonizing gradually, effectively and decisively wipe the thrash label off the table. Melody becomes the focal point, oscillating between ominous and fatalistic tones and radiant, invincible hues. These melodic textures are omnipresent in the guitar work, ranging from the combative double bass drum undulations reminiscent of Amon Amarth, to the chugging aggression akin to Arch Enemy, and quicksilver mesmerizing intricacies. Even the thoughtfully placed solos shine and roar alongside a pounding rhythm guitar, a detail often overlooked by many bands.

A wrenching, non-melodic yet relatively clean madness-infused scream provides an expressive vocal narrative, occasionally complemented by grunts and shrieks for emphasis. Particularly original are the prolonged screams where a second vocal layer utters a dozen words, creating chaotic yet fitting harmonies. Combined with blast beats and guitar tremolos meandering through the darker melodic spectrum, they intermittently evoke fervent black metal impulses, as showcased in Underdog.

The drummer is a master at astutely selecting the right drum strikes from a palette of vigorous blast beats, relentless bass drum patterns and chasing thrash tempos, always in well-measured doses. The other half of the rhythm section shines equally bright. During the bridges a vocal-like bass guitar takes the lead, with a bubbling solo moment in Dream Merchants as delightful desert. With each listen, beneath the melodic guitar extravaganza, more hidden intricacies reveal themselves.

Beyond a clever wordplay Bio-Cancer’s Revengeance delivers a profound, high-caliber melodic metal blend with striking vocals and dynamic drumming. While we might not categorize it strictly as ‘extreme,’ it undeniably stands as an impressive contender for my year-end list.




Hammerheart Records, 2023


  1. Citizen…Down!
  2. 44 Days In Hell
  3. Footprints On My Back
  4. Revengeance
  5. Dream Merchants
  6. Swiping Life Away
  7. Underdog (Against The Odds)
  8. Bludgeoning Skullcrushing Mayhem


  • Thanasis Andreou – Guitar
  • Giannis Lagoutaris – Bass, vocals
  • Lefteris Hatziandreou – Vocals
  • Tomek Solomonidis – Drums
  • Stavros Marinos – Guitar