Aegrus – Invoking the Abysmal Night

We haven’t reviewed the Finnish band Aegrus before, although the band has been unleashing devastating black metal to the world since 2006. The band draws lyrical inspiration from Satanic ideologies, focusing on Lucifer and death. The seven tracks on Invoking the Abysmal Night are dedicated to the unholy filth, which, in my opinion, is exactly how it should be. Especially when it comes to real Finnish black metal, for which I might have an even greater preference than for the original Norwegian black metal bands. But that’s not something you’re supposed to say. Oh well, who gives a shit.

Instead of going full throttle, which is one of thé stylistic features of the Finnish variant, these guys initially set off with melancholic and bitter melodies. During the second track, Followers of the False Prophets, they ignite the fire by unleashing some intense blasting, setting the tone. The band accelerates to blistering speeds while maintaining the melodic approach. The raw and piercing vocals of Inculta, who also beats the drum skins to pieces (impressive!!), sound convincing and malevolent. Lux Tenebris provides an additional layer with his vocal cords, beautifully in the background. The production might be somewhat generic, and I would have preferred a slightly dirtier organic approach. However, it does not give much to worry about.

With a heavy metal-like riff and grandeur, the Finns kick off Nocturnal Rites of Faust. Some ‘oohs’ as vocal expressions are included, as well as a blackened grunt. I appreciate this, especially when the chaos increases. The melodic lines intertwine, creating a brief but inevitable trance. An acoustic bridge section provides a welcome break, which is then picked up again with a beautiful lead line. Those Who Hide from Light is a track that features beautiful, solemn chants alongside the intensely filthy screams, making it never truly sacred due to the high level of fury.

Some bands save the very best for last, just like this Aegrus, tastefully closing the forty minutes of this fourth album with the lengthy Where the Forest Emanates Death. A melodious blackened gem of great proportions. You can’t go wrong with this one, fans of Finnish melodic black metal. Dig in!




Osmose Productions, 2023


  1. Invoking the Abysmal Night
  2. Followers of the False Prophets
  3. Through Devil’s Breath
  4. Temple of Ardent Worship
  5. Nocturnal Rites of Faust
  6. Those Who Hide from Light
  7. Where the Forest Emanates Death


  • Praestigiator – Guitar
  • Lux Tenebris – Guitar, bass, background vocals
  • Inculta – Vocals, drums
  • Serpentifer – Drums