Zanger Moloch verlaat Ordo Draconis

Zanger Moloch verlaat Ordo Draconis

Op de site van is te lezen dat Zanger Moloch heeft besloten om zijn band Ordo Draconis

te verlaten.

after doing vocals(and bass to a lesser extent)for Ordo Draconis for 5 and a half years I have decided to

leave the band,mainly because of musical differences.To put it bluntly: I cannot relate to the music the

band is creating nowadays,and the way it is written,so a split was inevitable. All this was done in good

understanding and we will see each other in the future (read: one of the guys still owes me 10 Euro)

Apart from doing vocals in Dark Remains and playing Bass in Funeral Winds(both bands will record a cd

later this year)I will form another band in which I will do vocals (don’t be surprised if you will see

some familiar faces),and I hope to kick ass on stage again soon.

I wish the remaining guys in Ordo Draconis good luck in the future and I hope to give you some concrete

information soon about my activities,if you have any questions,feel free to contact me at

strength through strive,

Welke consequenties dit heeft voor de aankomende optreden van Ordo Draconis (en natuurlijk het aankomende ZM fest natuurlijk) is nog niet bekend. Meer info volgt!