WT fans opgelet

WT fans opgelet!

Within Temptation zal zondag 18 september een signeer sessie in de jaarbeurs in Utrecht houden tijdens de Mega Record & CD Fair aldaar. Sharon en Robert zullen op de stand van Millennium Records cd, tshirts etc. signeren.

Van de Millenium Records website:

The Megafair in Utrecht in the Jaarbeurs, will be on November 17 & 18 this year. This is the biggest music/metalmarket in the entire world, organised by A.R.C.

You can find tons of LP’s and CD’s in our specially built 8 meter stand.

And we are very proud to announce that on Sunday 18th, at 15:00, there will be a special signing session at the Millennium Records stand with Sharon and Robert from Within Temptation.

Millennium Records is offering all their CD’s and even their newest Mother Earth picture disc to get autographed.

meer info: