Thulcandra werkt aan nieuw album

Thulcandra werkt aan nieuw album

De Duitse black/deathmetalband Thulcandra, met leden van Obscura, Dark Fortress en Helfahrt heeft een update gegeven omtrent de opnames van een nieuw album.

“Today we finished laying the last guitar tracks for our second full-length album ‘Under A Frozen Sun’ at Woodshed Studios, Germany, alongside producer V. Santura (TRIPTYKON, OBSCURA, PESTILENCE).

Seven songs, a few interludes, and a cover of UNANIMATED’s timeless classic, ‘Life Demise’, were recorded within the last few weeks.

“The new material is even more epic and features more guitar tracks, much more attention to detail including the use of full choirs, acoustic guitars, and guest appearances that will be announced very soon. Kristian ‘The Necorlord’ Wåhlin will again take on the artwork.

‘Under A Frozen Sun’, our second full-length album, was recorded in the vein of the death and black metal of the early ’90s and inspired by DISSECTION, UNANIMATED, SACRAMENTUM and VINTERLAND.”