Nuclear Blast nieuwtjes

Nuclear Blast nieuwtjes

Nuclear blast heeft weer een aantal een leuke nieuwtjes in hun
nieuwsbrief staan. Maar om voor elk bericht nou een compleet nieuwe
pagina aan te maken vond ik ook weer overdreven dus hieronder een
overzicht van de belangrijkste nieuwsfeiten:


Germany’s best-known black metallers AGATHODAIMON have just finished
recording their third album. The probably as “CHAPTER THREE” titled
opus will appear some weeks later than planned. It is
expected 12.11.2001 as the band needed more time to ensure the
artwork is up to the excellent AGOTHADAIMON standard.
“Chapter Three” is the band’s most varied album to date – anyone who
knows them will know that this band has something special to offer.
First reaction from press listening sessions suggests that
AGATHODAIMON will cause quite a stir in the black metal scene!


The best! There will be a live video, DVD and album from Dissection in January 2002. These releases – the band’s first signs of life for five years – will be entitled ‘Live Legacy’. In addition to that, Dissection mastermind Jon is currently working hard on new songs in prison. Dissection is alive! Hail the Reaper!
And remember: If you’ve got good video bootlegs (or even filmed a gig in the past) of Dissection, please get in touch with us. It might be used for the live video/DVD! Send a mail to (and please note that this isn’t the band’s mail adress)

Are currently recording new songs for their upcoming album “Way Beyond”. The cover will be once again provided by Kristian Wahlin. Get your dose of the finest Gothic/Death Metal available on the 20th of August from your local record dealer!

Once again Nuclear Blast have managed to sign an international top act. Metal legend Chris ‘The Reaper’ Boltendahl and his Gravediggers will blast your ears with their latest masterwork from 22.10.01. ‘The Grave Digger’ is the first album with the new guitarist Manni Schmidt, and will truly stir metalheads worldwide with its brain-crushing metal fury. Without exaggeration this is an absolutely outstanding power metal album, the song writing and production making it the highlight of their 20-year history to date!

From September the boys will be going into the studios with Peter Tagtgren to record their next revelation in black metal. The album will probably appear at the beginning of February 2002. From the end of March Immortal will be going on tour with Hypocrisy and Warhammer, and at the end of August they will be reducing the Summer Breeze festival in Abtsgemund to rubble!

The second album from the all-star grind/death metal band is expected to appear in November and will be the first with the new singer Tomas Lindberg (ex-At the Gates) who replaced Peter Tagtgren. The band’s battle-hardened fans are already nervous in the face of a fresh onslaught from their favourite metal warriors!

The Kings of Metal are working on the long-awaited second part of their ‘Hell On Earth’ home video, which with the first part of the video will be available as a value-for-money double DVD.

Believe it or not the kings of splatter and porno death metal have just finished the recording of their new album, which every fan of extreme music will be enthusiastic about – its an absolute eargasm! The album will appear at the beginning of November, when Pungent Stench will re-establish themselves to the heights of their glorious old times. Furthermore, the old classics ‘Been Caught Buttering’ and ‘Dirty Rhymes and Psychotic Beats’ will be available once again remastered in our NB Classics series.

After the hugely successful European tour early this year, and some appearance at big festivals, the German metal commando unit have already finished writing songs for their next album. After Wacken, the USA Milwaukee Metal Festival and the Summer Breeze Open Air the band will also be playing concerts in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico before entering the studio in December to hammer out album number 4. The working title is ‘Black Sun’. Shortly there will be a real treat for the vinyl freaks amongst you: a coloured 7” single featuring the tracks ‘Out In the Fields’ and ‘Breaker’.

Find themselves in the Fredman studio from the beginning of August recording ‘Suicide By My Side’, the first demo from singer Kimberley Goss, guitar hero Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom mastermind) and the rest of the band. Expect an absolute power metal highlight!

Emperor will release their last album “Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire and Demise” through Nuclear Blast (in Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The album is available from 22nd October.

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