Nieuw album My Dying Bride

Nieuw Album My Dying Bride

Dit las ik vandaag op de officiele My Dying Bride site :

The Dreadful Hours is the title of the forthcoming album by My Dying Bride. According to Peaceville, the scheduled release date is October 22. The track listing for the new album reads:

1- The Dreadful Hours
2- Raven and The Rose
3- Le Figlie Della Tempesta
4- Black Heart Romance
5- A Cruel Taste of Winter
6- My Hope The Destroyer
7- The Deepest of Hearts

Furthermore, the band have recorded a new version of the classic song “The Return of the Beautiful”. Re-titled “The Return To the Beautiful” it will be featured on all the CDs and will not be classed as an `extra track’.

The running time of the album is approx. 70:55 minutes. More as we get it.