Mystic Circle – “The Great Beast” uit 26 Maart

The Great Beast

Mystic Circle heeft al een krap maand geleden de opnamens afgerond
voor hun nieuwe album The Great Beast, maar nu is ook bekend
wanneer je hem kan kopen. De datum is vastgesteld op 26 Maart. Dat is
dus nog ruim 2 maanden wachten :(.

De nummers die op het album staan zijn:

1. Hellish Maniacs

2. Hate

3. The Great Beast

4. Lucifers Angel

5. Spirits in Black

6. Eyes of Horror

7. Whore Babylon

8. Lost in the garden Eden

9. And evil we shall die

Quote van de mystic circle website:

After hard work and permanent touring it is now up time: the fourth album by
Germany’s leading and best selling extreme metal band is due to be released.
MYSTIC CIRCLE describe their music as dark satanic metal and are ready
to conquer with the new album “THE GREAT BEAST” The new album “THE GREAT
BEAST” tops the band’s previous releases easily, the band developed an own
musical style which they desribe as dark satanic metal. MYSTIC CIRCLE
manage to combine traditional metal with their own sound and created bombastic
hymns, who have no comparisons. For example the catchy “Lucifers Angel”, the
heavy opener “Hellish Maniacs”, the epic “The Great Beast” or “Lost in the
garden of Eden” with it’s superb chorus. Without any doubt MYSTIC CIRCLE have
recorded an album of high international standart with a massive production
by producer Gerhard Magin. MYSTIC CIRCLE are known for their extensive touring
so this album will also be supported by a 30 dates European tour with Marduk
including the No Mercy festivals. Festival appearances for the big summer open
airs are also already booked, followed by another co-headlining tour in the

Klinkt als een hoop geblaat in mijn oren 😉 …. nu maar hopen dat ze
het waar maken.