Megadeth stelt live album uit

Megadeth stelt live album uit

Als gevolg van de ‘global situation’ heeft Megadeth besloten om het aankomende live album

niet op te nemen in Buenos Aires.

De volgende press release stond op de Megadeth website:


Megadeth Postpones Scheduled
Dates in Buenos Aires

With the current political and economic climate, Megadeth have decided to postpone their

scheduled dates in Buenos Aires in November. As explained by band leader Dave Mustaine “we

were itching to play South America again, and intended to tour the continent as soon as our

touring schedule would allow. When Sanctuary, our Record Company, suggested recording a live

show, we managed to put in two dates in Argentina. This was earlier in the summer. The

continuing events of the 11th September tragedy have weighed heavily on our families and so

we have decided against the pressures of flying the band touring entourage and recording

crew and equipment out of the USA at this point in time. Megadeth looks forward to visiting

their South American fans as soon as possible as they have been tremendously loyal during

the bands entire career.” ‘

Na deze aankondiging regende het kritiek op het forum van Megadeth. Er was zelfs zoveel

kritiek dat Dave Mustaine himself besloot om op het forum eens flink van zich te laten


“I must tell you that except for a few very considerate and understanding people I am very

disappointed with the selfishness of the people who are pissed off at us for putting our

personal and familie’s safety ahead of a live record. I am disgusted with some of the things

that I have read like, ‘bring your son’, ‘fuck you and your terrorism’, ‘you are

imperialists’ etc. It makes me never want to go Argentina again. But thank God for the real

fans in Argentina who ‘really’ love us who are ‘smart’ enough to realise that it is just a

live record and that hopefully the war won’t keep us from EVER coming down there again.

Think about that? How would you smart ass fucks like it if we never came back?

Our personal safety is at stake here, not yours. Our whole country is at war and we are in

danger wherever we go because we are American. It has nothing to do with Argentina. Jesus

fucking Christ I thought our ‘real’ Argentine fans would understand. I am hoping that the

people who are bitching are just upset and will regain their senses. This was not an easy

decision for us to make.

I will say this; as of this second, anyone saying anything adverse to our decision to put

our own safety and the safety of our families ahead of a concert, are not fans of Megadeth,

and I urge you to leave and never come back here. Remember, I can understand some Spanish

too, and so do some of the moderators. God, I thought you’d be happy. What a waste of skin

you whiners are.”

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