Interview Iced Earth bij Vampire Magazine

Interview Iced Earth bij Vampire Magazine

Onze vriend Michiel Barten van Vampire Magazine heeft een tijdje aan
de telefoon gezeten met zanger Matt Barlow van Iced Earth en hem het hemd
van het lijf gevraagd over het nieuwe album en de toekomst van Iced Earth.

Hier een kort stukje van het interview:

First I must give you my compliments on “Horror Show”. It’s definitely one of the best power metal albums I’ve heard since quite a long time. How did Iced Earth come up with the idea of this concept album?

-Thanks man. We actually more call it a theme record. In the past we’ve been influenced a lot by horror stories and books and the genre in general. Most of the time people can see that in what we do. It actually has it’s background in the past when Jon (Schaffer) had his band Purgatory in the late 80’s and a couple of songs from that band were based on horror characters like Freddy Krueger, Mike Myers and the Halloween stories and things. Actually we thought about it a couple of years ago that we could possibly do an EP called “Monster” basically based on about 5 classic characters like Frankenstein and Dracula. We wanted to do a record where each individual song told a story for itself. I’m really glad we did it man and we think it was a good move for us and it’s just the right time to do the record.

It was first planned to release a next album that would be part of the “Something wicked”-trilogy. Why did you put this on ice? And may I assume now your next album will be the 2nd part in the “Something Wicked-trilogy”?

-Well I don’t know. I think we probably wait a little longer with that. “Horror Show” is our last record on Century Media so we wanted to make sure this album gets the proper treatment it deserves. After we did “Something Wicked..” and the live record we were considering doing a conceptual record based on the characters that we brought forth on “Something Wicked..” as a 2nd piece in the “Something Wicked-trilogy” We still have planned on continuing that trilogy sometime in the future but we didn’t think the time is right for it yet. Jon and I talked about it and we wanted to do a theme record based on the monsters.

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