Help Chuck Schuldiner

Help Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH)

Metal rules had het volgende te melden.

Two years ago this month, on his 31st birthday, Chuck Schuldiner, founder of Death & Control Denied and forefather to an entire movement in Heavy Metal, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. For the past two years, Chuck has fought for his life, family and passion for music. Fans worldwide voiced their concern and support and when possible tried to send donations to the Schuldiner’s medical fund to assist in the payment of Chuck’s care. Hammerheart and the entire Schuldiner family are greatly appreciative for the continued generosity and enthusiasm, however at this time have additional news to share with the musical community.

At this very moment it is necessary for Chuck to have a very specific and immediate surgical treatment which is being denied to him based on a lack of funds. Chuck needs immediate surgery; in fact he is at home in Florida awaiting the opportunity for a very delicate operation that his doctors adamantly insist is crucial for his recovery. After having exhausted every possible avenue, Chuck’s family and friends are reaching out to ask for your assistance.

Did you know that unless you already have one foot inside death’s door that many US government assistance programs are not available to you? Did you know that in certain states a pre-existing medical condition can keep you from obtaining any medical insurance whatsoever, leaving all medical expenses in the lap of the sick and their families? Do you know how many people die of cancer every year because there is not enough help or awareness provided to them?

Chuck Schuldiner is no faceless stranger to any us. He has inspired more bands than anyone could ever count. He has afforded a lot of us with the opportunity to do what we love for a living. He has changed the face of metal and effected so many lives forever…. Chuck Schuldiner is one of our own and we need to help him now, more than ever.

In order to make this treatment possible, Hammerheart America, in conjunction with labels, magazines, radio stations and bands worldwide, is organizing an online auction of rare collectibles, autographed musical keepsakes and custom-made instruments, straight out of the artist’s hands, amongst them one of Chuck’s very own guitars and a Steve DiGiorgio custom bass. Every penny raised goes into the medical fund set up by Chuck’s family. In addition, anything donated as a gift to this fund is tax deductible. Anyone able to spare even a few dollars would be helping us conquer a very serious obstacle.

Artists willing to donate something to this auction can email or call the office directly at (412) 390-4088. Information on the auction can be found on the Hammerheart America webpage at

Anyone wishing to verify any information herein or obtain additional information may contact Hammerheart America directly. If we all pull together we CAN make a difference for not just one life but for millions…

Information on the “Charles Schuldiner Medical Fund” is as follows:

Washington Mutual Bank

500 East Alta Drive

Altamonte Springs, FL. 32701

Bank routing number: 321180748

Account number: 3513564696

Hammerheart America, PO Box 42323, Pittsburgh PA 15203

(412) 390-4088,

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