Hege-Marie weg bij Sins of thy Beloved

Zangeres Hege-Marie weg bij The Sins of thy Beloved

Drie maanden heeft het geduurd maar toch bleek Hege niet te bevallen
als zangeres. Zie hieronder een quote van de officiële TSOTB site.

Hege-Marie is no longer a member of TSOTB… The reason for this is
that the band did not manage to collaborate very well with her, and
sadly she could not give TSOTB the little extra they were searching
for. But there are no hard feelings about this break up and we all
want to give our best wishes to Hege-Marie, and wish her the best of
luck in the future…

The band are still testing out new vocalists to take over for
Hege-Marie, and they will hopefully have a replacement ready within
a couple of weeks… Because of this, the planned recording of the
new album has been postponed…

Bron: http://www.tsotb.com/