Eternal Tears of Sorrow

Eternal Tears of Sorrow

Ik ben al een tijd grote fan Eternal Sorrow en dan lees ik ook nog eens
het volgende fantastische nieuws.

Jeba! The album has been recorded. The mixing sessions will be in
early August. The name of the album will be “A Virgin And A Whore”,
which continues the “nothing is what it seems like / everything has
two sides” theme began on “Chaotic Beauty”.

!!! The Finnish release date will be the 8th of October, the rest of
the Europe will get the album on the 28th of January and Japan gets a
grab of it on the 11th of November. !!!
The Last One For Life - Nieuwe single van ETOS

The songs are:

Aurora Borealis

Heart of Wilderness


Fall of Man

The River Flows Frozen

The Last One For Life

Sick, Dirty and Mean

Blood of Hatred


The length of the album is 43 minutes. The songs are more keyboard-orientated, and there will be more and heavier guitar riffs as well. The full-length studio report will be at our official home page in a couple of months. We finally reveal the name of the guest vocalist on the forthcoming album (and also the single): Juha Kylmänen from Reflexion.

Some words about our single, “The Last One For Life”. In addition to the title song, it will contain a cover song: “As I Die” by Paradise Lost. Available now in Finland, you can order it from Spinefarm. The single got successful in Finland, it went to the Finnish singles TOP 20 chart for three weeks…!

Nou laat ze maar komen met die cd :bier:. Hmmm … in Januari pas hier 🙁

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