Control Denied – Tweede CD

De tweede Control Denied CD komt er dus toch!!!

"Control Denied, started by late guitarist and death metal pioneer Chuck
Schuldiner (also of Death), have apparently soldiered on, and will complete the
group’s long-awaited second album, tentatively titled When Machine and Man

Much of Schuldiner’s music and vision will remain intact on When Machine
and Man Collide
, with members Steve DiGiorgio (bass), Tim Aymar (vocals),
Shannon Hamm (guitars), and Richard Christy (drums) polishing the material
sometime in early 2003.

"I know you’re all concerned that the new Control Denied album won’t
happen but the legal problems had to be taken care of first, including the
legalities connected with Chuck’s will," confirmed Jane Schuldiner, Chuck’s
mother, on the official Death web site. "Now things are clearing up and
after the first of the year things should start coming together. That’s the most
important thing in our lives at this time, making sure that we honor Chuck’s
request that this album be released."

Information on the album is scarce, but it’s believed the drums and guitars
have already been recorded while the bass and vocals haven’t. Once DiGiorgio and
Aymar have finished recording their respective parts, When Machine and Man
will then go in for mixing. A reflective DiGiorgio said this about
the project: "it’s sad beyond belief that [Chuck] never saw [the album] to
its completion. We will try our best to finish it in his honor, but will never
know if it lives up to his standards. That’s the least we can do for someone who
gave so much and cared so much about what he did and how it affected those who
believed as well."

In any event, we’ll have more news on Control Denied and When Machine and
Man Collide
as it occurs. Stay tuned."