Taubrą – Therizo

Taubrą is a new band. Well, not entirely. The band consists of renowned artists from various other bands from Norway and Switzerland. For example, mentioning Aara will likely ring a black metal bell for most people. Drummer J. and guitarist/visionary of the band B. are both also active in Aara. They recruited T. for booming bass duties (ex-Chotzä, Malphas) and R. for vocals (Ilhalung, Legiones). Together this quartet has developed an occult black metal variant and immediately showcases their style on debut album Therizo. A label like Debemur Morti Productions couldn’t let this talent go unsigned.

While Aara‘s albums occasionally sound a bit overwhelming as well as misty production-wise, this is different on Taubrą’s debut album although the drum parts were also recorded at Chäuer Studios Bärn. The mixing and mastering, on the other hand, were done at The Empty Hall Studio, which could explain the difference int terms of production.

The occult, ritualistic elements are not only apparent in the artwork or band photos but also in the tones and sounds used by Taubrą, for instance in the album’s intro, which transitions smoothly into the first track, Congregation Of The Unholy. Blast beats rush through the Underground like wildfire, something which J. is already known for, as he applies the same drum dynamics in Aara. The various layers of guitars in this first real track display a high level of musicianship, not conflicting with but effectively complementing each other. The main musical theme is absolutely savoring-worthy delicious.

With a Kvarforth-esque roar, Sigd races through the air like a lightning bolt. This track features very strong layered guitar parts as well, featuring another powerful, highly penetrating main theme. This seems to be one of Taubrą‘s trademarks. I may have focused on the drumming and guitar parts until now, but I have to add that R.’s vocal range is quite diverse, handling well razor-sharp screams as well as more understandable grunts and spoken parts. Thanks to R.’s vocals, a track like Dire Necropolis gains even more pounding depth, and Vale Of The Taubra acquires additional occult undertones.

Taubrą has delivered a truly excellent work of occult, ritualistic black metal with Taubrą. As far as I’m concerned, this is a mandatory listen, and a necessary buy as well.




Debemur Morti Productions, 2023


  1. Intro
  2. Congregation Of The Unholy
  3. Sigd
  4. Reek Of The Earth
  5. Dire Necropolis
  6. Rebrandt Of Death
  7. Vale Of The Taubra
  8. Therizo
  9. Outro


  • J. – Drums
  • T. – Bass
  • B. – Guitar, synth
  • R. – Vocals